06 May 2005

Live from Kalamazoo!

I'm blogging from the Waldo Library on the campus of Western Michigan University. It is day two of the 40th International Congress on Medieval Studies. Yesterday I got to preside over two sessions, and I presented at another.

My presentation was a variation on my SEMA paper from October. I feel very good about that paper and how it went, especially here. (Though I did almost get accused of heresy for the way I described the function of the Eucharist in time; but more on that when I want to be pendantic.) After the session, one person suggested that I try to get it published. Another wondered if my comments on Ælfric and direct discourse could turn into some sort of dissertation combining Ælfric’s works with J. L. Austin’s “speech act” theory. I suppose I could also incorporate my favorite theorist, since he’s got some other interesting ideas about language. (I’m getting pedantic again!) I really should pin this stuff down. Exams are only nine months away!

In other news, last night I participated in Steve Jones’s “Digital Media and Culture” class, by way of the internets. Technology is grand. (Aside to Ben & Doug: Very fun puzzle / game you set up. I’d like to see your “write-up.” Aside to Sara: Please don’t sue me!)

Time to hear some people talk, I suppose. . . . Which reminds me: Yesterday a couple presenters went over their alotted time, but as this was my first time presiding, I didn’t know how to handle it. It’s not as if these sessions ran long overall, but It’s unfair to the other presenters if someone becomes a time hog. Any suggestions for how to handle this in the future would be welcome: I want to be an enforcer, but I don’t want to look like a jackass!