11 January 2005

Spring 2005

Spring semesters are unusual for me. Loyola doesn’t start back up until a week from today, but I’m already in class. Each spring the Newberry Library, through their Center for Renaissance Studies, offers an Old English seminar. Because Loyola doesn’t have enough resources, without the Newberry I wouldn’t be able to study Anglo-Saxon language and culture beyond the introductory level (aside from independent study, of course, but learning languages in a group is better and more fun, I think). All this isn’t to deny that the Newberry seminar is a great thing. This time around, John Niles is teaching “The Discovery and Invention of Old English Literature,” which is right up my alley—a mix of my interests in language, textual criticism, and cultural production.

Next week I’ll add two more classes to the docket: “Digital Media and Culture,” with Steven Jones, and “Re-Imagining the ‘Classical’ in English Poetry,” with Thomas Kaminski. I’ll also be TA for Verna Foster’s “Introduction to Drama.”

That’s next week. This week, however, I’m still digging out from last semester and translating Old English.