03 January 2005

New Year

As I started making “resolutions” for 2005, I realized that I had too many. So here’s my blanket resolution: to do better at as much as possible without going insane.

One thing that means is that I’ll probably blog infrequently about things like politics. The current situation has me feeling pretty down. Horrifying earthquakes and tsunamis have ravaged a quarter of the world, there’s a war on, and our president is about to celebrate by throwing a $40,000,000 inauguration. Then he’ll gut social security, help the rich get richer, and appoint people who like torture to the Supreme Court. Happy days ahead.

The other thing that means is I’ll probably be posting a lot of my thoughts about literature and related things. That’s supposed to be my upcoming chosen profession, and I need to be more proactive if I’m going to succeed at it. One of the things that I’ve long believed is that frequent writing often leads to better writing—but I haven’t really practiced that on things that really need it. So you’ll probably see things here that are closely tied to research I’m doing, classes I’m teaching, and so on. I’ll still post about other stuff, but consider yourself warned if you don’t go for medieval English literature, drama, or textual criticism.

I close this long post with one of my favorite passages from Shakespeare, Miranda’s potentially ironic lines from the last act of The Tempest:

Arise and say how thou cam’st here. O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world
That has such people in’t!

Happy New Year, I hope.