07 December 2004

Temporary silence

A couple things are up for me. The first is multiple papers, which I must complete in the next week or so. That means I’ll be writing those, instead of blog entries.

Erik Vorhes and J. Orville Moe

Grandpa & me

The second, and in many ways more important, thing is a request: please keep my grandpa Orville and my mom’s family in your thoughts and prayers. Grandpa’s health is failing quickly, and his death is imminent. He has lived a full, wonderful life; but it’s hard even to contemplate his being gone from this life. To the left is a picture of him and me, from this August, the last time I saw him:

Update (6:50 a.m., 12/8): He passed away last night, at about 8:30. More to follow, but after the funeral.