03 November 2004

I don’t understand.

Unless Kerry takes Ohio (unlikely), Bush will be reelected. What happened? Here are the fruits of the Bush administration:

  • the US has jettisoned the Geneva Conventions and tortures prisoners of war;
  • we’ve entered a horrifying quagmire in Iraq with no real solutions;
  • Osama and his bunch seem frighteningly healthy;
  • US citizens are denied the right to due process;
  • our borders are no safer from terrorists;
  • assault weapons are legal;
  • budget deficits have returned with a vengeance (even discounting the costs of Iraq and 9/11);
  • the economy has lost jobs during the span of a presidential term for the first time since the Great Depression;
  • the rich get richer and everyone else gets poorer; and
  • the abortion rate is higher than under Clinton.

By sending Bush back to the White House, we are affirming this terrible record and giving him (and a stronger GOP majority in Congress) our endorsement to do more of the same.

How can this be what we’ll wake up to? It certainly doesn’t seem like reality.