25 October 2004


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. SEMA was excellent, and my paper was well received. I also had the pleasure of meeting some top-notch scholars, especially among the Anglo-Saxonists.

At the same time I feel good about that experience, my mind is filling with rage! Why? Because the Bush administration is awful. Yesterday’s disclosure that 350+ tons of high-powered explosives have been “lost” in Iraq only compounds the issue.

Meanwhile, Bush is accusing Kerry of ignoring Abu Musab Zarqawi in Iraq. The argument: Kerry says that Iraq is not part of the “war on terror”—but Zarqawi’s a pretty awful terrorist, and he’s in Iraq! This is a risible accusation, to say the least. The Bush administration had the opportunity to take out Zarqawi without invading Iraq! So it’s Kerry's fault that Zarqawi is beheading people and blowing stuff up with the explosives we didn’t guard? Please, please, electorate, vote for the reality-based community and against this administration of lies and horror!