07 September 2004

Cheney: enemy combatant

What’s up with Dick Cheney? Today our lovable Vice President made this not-too-veiled threat:

If we make the wrong choice [on Nov. 2] then the danger is that we'll get hit again and we'll be hit in a way that will be devastating from the standpoint of the United States.

We could infer that Cheney is arguing a stay-the-course approach. As the current administration proved in early 2001, an incoming administration can miss its predecessor’s repeated warnings about Al Qaeda and other terrorist threats; the transition to a Kerry administration would open a window for terrorist activity again. One problem, though: it’s not like the whole government shuts down when we get a new President! And I doubt any officials would want to be in a position where 9/11-2 happened on their watch. So unless Kerry also willfully misses any intelligence passed on to him from the exiting administration, we probably don’t have anything more to worry about than we already do.

Since it seems unlikely that a Kerry administration would be more incompetent than Bush II on fighting terrorism, one is left with only one conclusion: If Bush isn’t reelected, Cheney will bomb the US! Let‘s preemptively lock him up without access to due process. Ashcroft is getting good at that kind of thing. Plus, it’ll distract attention from the sagging economy and ever-climbing death-toll in the administration’s own terrorist breeding-ground.

The third, and most plausible option, is that—contrary to some RNC delegate assertions—Bush/Cheney is bin Laden’s ticket of choice, since their go-it-alone, blow-s——t-up policy toward Iraq likely cements opposition to the US and may push more people over the edge.

I used to think that I wasn’t much for conspiracy theories. They seem awfully fun, though!


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