26 July 2004

Amish in the City

It has been a while! And it will continue to be a while, as I need to finish a paper on Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights and prophecy, revise a paper on Ælfric’s life of St. Oswald of Northumbria, finish work for the IMA, read pamphlets by Anna Trapnel, and merge this blog (which will be more or less generically renamed) with my “real” site. Hooray for things to do.

Erica is back from Guatemala, too, which means that I’m not regularly playing the role of lonely-guy-with-internet. I still have lots of things to say, however, and I’ll probably post again after Barack Obama’s keynote address tomorrow night. (Show the whole convention, networks! How are crappy “reality” shows and reruns more interesting than something potentially historical?)

In the meantime, read this important article about Amish TV. I generally agree with that assessment, aside from two things: I don’t think this will lead to overt, violent persecution of Christians; and the show is on UPN, so no one will watch it anyway. Nevertheless, this development is highly disturbing: because the Amish believe strongly in non-resistance, there’s no organized objection to this show. I doubt we’d see a show trying to get Mormons to drink coffee, for example. So it’s time to speak up—object to UPN’s decision to air this show! Lobby in favor of the Amish! Stand up for people who believe in something!

UPN conveniently provides no contact information on their site, so you might need to contact your local station directly. Your thoughts are encouraged.


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