16 June 2004

How bad will this get?

Yesterday Paul Krugman exposed a disturbing pattern regarding my beloved John Ashcroft—whenever it looks like he’s in trouble, he announces another terror attempt in order to deflect attention from his own anti-American activities. I know Krugman has his own biases, but it’s pretty unsettling nonetheless.

And now the New York Times has learned that Rumsfeld and Tenet have been secretly detaining Iraqis (so-called ghost prisoners), so that the Red Cross can’t monitor how the prisoners are treated. Rumsfeld wasn’t kidding when, not long after the prison scandal broke, he assured us that things would get much worse.

I haven’t been much of a Kerry fan, but I’m 99% sure that I’ll vote for him. It’s well past time to get this administration out of office.

Meanwhile, we’re almost totally ignoring the horrors that are going on in the Sudan. Then again, we tend to ignore almost all the bad things that happen in Africa. What else is new?


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