11 May 2004


I’m listening to senate testimony on the Iraq prison fiasco, and I’m appalled at one senator in particular. I wish I had caught his name. He ranted for his entire allotted time, with this overt theme (taken almost verbatim): “I am appalled that people are horrified by this and are using it for political gain. These Iraqi f——rs probably deserve it.”

How’s that for foreign relations?

Update: It was James Inhofe of Oklahoma. Josh Marshall has more.

This whole situation—not just our own inappropriate behavior—makes me ill. I wish there were something I could do to end the trouble. At moments like this I become my most eschatological: come quickly, Lord Jesus!—we need your grace now more than ever. . . .

Update 2: Slate’s Timothy Noah has an astute take on the whole Iraqi prison situation.


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