14 May 2004

Hear THIS!

We use Verizon, and there have been a few instances when I’ve felt like this guy. Mostly for the insane cost of the stuff, the fake “national” plan, and the month last fall when I kept being notified that I had new voice mail, when I had none. They gave me additional minutes for that last one.

But what really steams me about Verizon is my penultimate complaint. Last fall I went home for a high school friend’s wedding. (I grew up primarily in Michigan’s upper peninsula, and my parents still live there.) When Erica and I signed up for Verizon, we chose them because their national calling area included at least the western half of the Upper Peninsula. Apparently they changed this before I went north last fall though, because I was charged a good $13.00 for the couple times I called to check in with Erica. Verizon “forgave” the charges when I called to complain, but it’s insane that they—or anyone—charge 69¢ a minute for roaming.

I’d switch, but only Cingular seems to cover the UP without roaming, and they have shoddy coverage where we live. Bah.

So, from my readership of n, what’s your take on wireless providers? Praises? Pans? What should I switch to, if I feel like paying the excessive contract termination fees for Verizon? Flood my comment board!


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