27 May 2004

Bunnies, friends, and ogres

Yesterday Erica and I went to Milwaukee, to bid adieu to our friend Colin, who starts medical residency at the University of Minnesota next week. (Congratulations, Dr. Colin!)

brown bunny by Belmont Harbor, Chicago

Isn't it cute?

We got a later start than we wanted, though. It seemed like a nice morning, so we went for a walk on the lakeshore path. On the return trip, lo and behold, by Belmont Harbor we found a couple abandoned pet rabbits, including the one on the right. They were probably someone’s Easter present, and the owner/owner’s child probably got sick of them. (It makes us mad when people abandon their pets!) We got a box from the harbor master and passed them off to Erica’s sister, who brought them to the Animal Welfare League.

truck carring food-grade sweetener


That made us a couple hours late in starting our trip to Milwaukee, but we saw something highly disturbing on I-94 that made it all worthwhile—It’s nice to know they keep the food-grade sweetener separate from the many other sweeteners out there.

We also saw Shrek 2 last night. It’s very funny, though I’m not sure if it’s better than the original. I’m also perplexed that DreamWorks feels so bullish about their animation studios. Sure, the Shrek movies have been commercial (and critical) successes, but what else have they done that’s, you know, good? (Prince of Egypt is OK, but seriously, what else?)


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