27 March 2004


One of my classes this semester was at the Newberry library, one of the greatest places on earth. It was on Anglo-Saxon saints’ lives and taught by Paul Szarmach, of the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University. Great class, prof., other students, etc.

The final paper was due yesterday, and we had to mail it to WMU. The post office closed at five, so I worked on the paper until about 4:30, ran to the post office, and figured I’d buy a mailer and send it first class. (Incidentally, “priority” mail is a rip-off—usually first class gets there just as quickly and is a lot cheaper.) I arrive at the post office to learn that the credit card machine is down. This wouldn’t be a problem, except I had a dollar in my wallet. The postage would cost $0.83, and the post office doesn’t sell mailers for seventeen cents! By now, it’s 4:50, Erica’s still 45 minutes away at school, and it’s a ten minute run home. I explained that this had to get out today, but I didn’t really believe that the post office would stay open late just so a lowly grad student could mail his term paper at the last minute. Panic! All my thoughts would be fined by the FCC.

Fortunatley, one of the postal workers dug in his pocket and pulled out $0.30 and gave it to me. I almost hugged the man. Then I bought a mailer and postage, folded my 17 pages in half, and dropped it in the mail, at 4:55 pm. Five minutes to spare. I owe the USPS $0.30 and my butt. Thank you USPS!

I walked home gleefully, until I realized that my paper sucks and I forgot to include a pretty important paragraph on direct quotation in Ælfric’s passio of St. Oswald of Northumbria. But I can regale you for hours on St. Oswald! (Time to renew my new years resolution: not to procrastinate so much. Arg.)

To relax, Erica and I went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Now that is a great movie. And unlike CK’s previous work, it ends hopefully. And Jim Carrey, et al., were great.


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