23 February 2004


For anyone interested, I think my paper—and the panel overall—went well on Saturday. I presented on “The War on Earth: God’s Sovereignty and the Puritan Revolt in Milton’s Lycidas”; the paper went well, but I think it worked because of my flashy visual aids. . . . I wish I had linked Milton’s experience to the current crisis in Haiti, but that’s more of an afterthought than anything, and I’d rather not risk trivializing that situation.

The only truly disappointing thing was that the only people genuinely interested in Milton were on the panel. Few questions from the audience. So, where do I take this thing from here? No clue. Then again, should I care? I did this more to get through my first conference paper, and I plan to focus on earlier literature. Maybe I’ll just let good ol’ Johnnie sit in the back of my head for a while.


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