17 February 2004

Edwards? Please?

So. The polls are still coming in, but it looks like a tight WI race between Edwards and Kerry. Go Edwards!

Seriously, Edwards is the more eloquent, thoughtful candidate between the two. Kerry seems too much like a chameleon to me, creating long-winded answers to simple questions so that he can weasel out of any tight spot that the opposition might paint him into. The problem with this approach is that you look too slick for your own good, and with Kerry’s lack of charisma, that’s an especially bad thing. The other problem is that it looks like he doesn’t believe in anything. Since when was “electability” an actual issue? “Vote for me—I’m electable” is the most unappealing campaign sloagan on earth. And what exactly makes Kerry electable in the first place, his electability?

Bah. I’m daily feeling more despondent about this campaign. If only Edwards (or yes, Dean or—gasp—Kucinich) were the front-runner. Then there’d be something interesting to talk about, aside from four more years of our current despot.


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