25 February 2004

Ash Wednesday

Well, today begins Lent, probably my favorite 40 days in the liturgical year. I’m not joking: Lent is an established period to assess one’s actions and evaluate what one truly holds dear. I’m not into Lent to give something up, though I may end up doing so during my self-reflection. So, blessed Lent, everyone!

Ash Wednesday also happens to be opening day for The Passion of the Christ. I won’t comment on it until I see it some time next week. But I will say this: Gibson’s movie seems to be incredibly divisive—a result that seems contrary to Christ’s atoning action. Maybe this won’t be as big a problem as it seems right now. I need to think about this some more, and I really do need to see what Gibson does before getting too far along.


Blogger Erik said...

On my LiveJournal there’s a brief exchange worth reading, largely revolving around the oft-discussed controversy surrounding The Passion of the Christ. I think the “person” who wrote to me probably doesn’t exist: his reply came within 20 minutes of my post—and who would go through the trouble of reading my journal?

May 13, 2004 1:39 AM  
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