14 January 2004


So, the president wants to use the moon as a launching pad to go to Mars. Gregg Easterbrook has pointed out how impractical (and expensive) this approach is and suggested that this policy might be pork for the aerospace industry. It seems, though, that this is also an attempt to shore up electoral support in Florida, since much of the launch preparation will happen there. Good idea: using $1 trillion we don't have to buy some votes!

Update, 10:10 p.m. Or maybe the whole plan is to use the moon to promote “regime change” and the war on terror! W. talks about the moon being a “foothold”; that sounds awfully militaristic (or imperialist?) for mere exploration. Maybe I’m making something out of nothing. It doesn’t matter though, since I’m writing to myself! Maybe I’ll comment on this in order to make myself feel better. Maybe I’ll stop using “maybe” for a while.


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